CrossFit Defense Training Workshop

CrossFit Defense Workshop at AC

Due to overwhelming demand for both sessions, we will be hosting two CrossFit Defense Training Workshops next week.

Tuesday, April 22nd at 1 pm

and again on

Wednesday, April 23 at 7:30pm

Mark your calendars!

Coach Erik is delighted to run this workshop for all Members of Aspen CrossFit.. visitors from other boxes in the valley can also attend for the normal drop-in rate of $20 for the session.

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Aspen CrossFit BoxStar: Jackie Pettit

2014-04-22 17.44.05MEMBER PROFILE
Name: Jackie Pettit
Occupation: International Sales Manager
Something about you that we really didn't know: I was a competitive swimmer through High School and early College years.
How long have you been a member at Aspen Crossfit? About one year & 4 months – since December 2013.
What class time do you normally attend? 5:30 p.m., but will go to different times depending on my work schedule.
How did you find out about us? I had seen pictures of friends doing CrossFit, and was considering it for a little while, when my friend Eduarda Benedini shared her thoughts on Facebook about possibly joining. We went to the gym, checked it out, then I came holmes-jackie-benedini1.jpgback home and convinced my husband Danny Pettit to join as well. It was the beginning of a whole new phase of our lives.
Tell us about your first workout and how you felt during/after: After being extremely intimidated to start my very first WOD, I left the box and could barely walk the next day. The first elements class was *only* 12 minutes long, and I first thought to myself – “why am I paying this much money for a 12 minute work out ?”. Soon I came to the realization that I could not even go for longer than those 12 minutes! It really changes your perspective about everything.2014-04-22 17.43.27
holmes-jackie-benedini2.jpgWhat benefits/accomplishments have you seen/ had since joining? CrossFit has changed my life. It has become one of the best parts of my day – I am always looking forward to going to the box after work, and leaving all my worries and stress behind. I always say that it has become my daily meditation, since it is truly the only time when I am not thinking about the world outside – and only about my breathing, form and concentrating in what I am going to accomplish next. It has also given me so much energy to do a lot of other activities outside the gym – hiking, biking, skiing to name a few. My skiing has reached a whole new level this winter because of my current fitness conditioning. Now I am always up to doing something that will get me moving around!
Coolest results? So far, I have gotten rid of 65 pounds, and I am still working on it. It is pretty unbelievable to think that, just a little over a year ago, I wasn’t even able to hold on to the pull-up bar for more than a second. I had to do push-ups on the wall, jumped on an 8 inch box, used 2 green bands for my pull-ups, had to scale basically almost every single WOD. Now I can do Toes to Bar, strict push-ups, jump as high as 24 inches boxes, and I am one purple band away from getting an unassisted pull-up. Every day is a new challenge, and I look forward to being able to getting more and more PR’s.
What are you future goals in the gym? First and foremost: unassisted pull-up! Also really want to be able to do consistent hand stands, do more than 3 linked double-unders, 300lb deadlift (currently at 250 lbs.), 150lb clean (currently at 120 lbs.), 100lb snatch (currently at 80 lbs.), 200lb back squat (currently at 175 lbs.).
My challenges: Especially Gymnastic moves and double unders. Running is a major challenge as well, and I am looking forward to getting better and better this summer!
My favorites: Deadlifts, cleans, push-ups, planks, squats.
Favorite WOD/ workout when you are "thinkin' outside the box: The Chief!
Personal message to anyone that might be considering Crossfit: Do it now. As coach Erik said when I first joined: “You do not get in shape to start CrossFit. You start CrossFit to get in shape”. The community is the best that I have seen anywhere in the U.S. – you will get an amazing workout, get in shape, release stress, and make amazing friends along the way.
Name someone that inspires within our Aspen Community? First, our coaches. They are simply amazing, and know exactly what we can do. They support us and push us when we need the most. They are not only coaches. They are true friends.
My close friends – Julia Russo & Eduarda Benedini. We are the “Brazilian Oly Team”, and it is amazing to experience CrossFit with them. We push each other, and support each other – whether we are doing a WOD together, or happy hour! :)
And my husband. He is the most supportive and amazing person I could have by my side. My journey has had lots of ups and downs, and he is always there supporting and helping me along the way.2014-04-22 17.41.37
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Thursday, April 24th


Burgerner Barbell Variations on a Squat Clean (Opus #3)



Hang Squat Cleans



WallBall (20/14)


Lateral Burpee over Parallette (No Clap when Jumping)


6×10 Partner Leg Tosses

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Wednesday, April 23


Run The Loop (Coach's Discretion) WIPE YOUR FEET!

or Two Min Run

5 Rounds of 10 OHS (pvc)

10 Pass-Thrus

10 Push-ups


6 x 2 Bench Press

Build to a 2-Rep Max (Spotters!)


14 Min Running Clock

One Min ME Box Jump (30/24)

One Min ME Thruster (115/75)

One Min Rest

Two Min ME Box Jump (30/24)

Two Min ME Thruster (115/75)

One Min Rest

Three Min ME Box Jump (30/24)

Three Min ME Thruster (115/75)

Score each Set (1mins Combo, 2mins Combo, 3mins Combo)


Lax Pec Minor, Couch Stretch, Calf Stretch Blue

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Tuesday, April 22nd


Group 8



Back Squat

18 Mins to Find a 3-Rep Max


10 Rounds

1 MIn Max Cal Row

Rest 15 sec

30 sec ME Push-ups

Rest 15 sec

Score = Calories + Total Push-ups


5 x 10 GHD Sit-ups

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Monday, April 21st


25 GHD Hip Extension or /Supermans, 25 Good Mornings (15), 25 Ring Rows, 25 OHS w/ (15/pvc), 25 Arm Circles and Phelps

and a 2 Min T-Spine Smash


20 Minutes on

Handstand Push-Ups (Skills, Scales, and MODs)

+5 min DeadLift Prep/ Bracing Sequencing


Talayna Fortunato, South East"Diane"


Deadlifts (225/155)

Handstand Push-Ups


Ideal Stretch, Pigeons, Pass-Thrus

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Friday, April 18


100 Squats

w/ Every 30 Sec Consequence 5 HR Push-Ups



1×20 Squats @60% or 1rm

5 mandatory deep breaths between each rep


For time

Row 50 Cal

50 OH Lunges (45/25)

50 Burpees

50 SlamBalls (3020)


Mobility: Ideal, Pigeon, Wunderlichs, Quad Flamingos


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